Amazingly, one of the most exciting things Randy has done as a tour operator, did not get posted!!  :)

Life gets busy and it isn't until later when a person has a chance to breathe that you remember some of the "other stuff".

In 2012 Randy was contacted by Warner Bros.  They were looking at doing a movie right at Kinuseo Falls.  Well, parts of a movie anyways.  

It started with a tour with key people from the movie.  He then stayed in talks with them and then helped to coordinate an actual movie shoot.

Randy and 6 other boats were part of making the movie shoot happen.  There is quite a bit involved in carting actors and workers to the bottom of Kinuseo Falls.  It happened over two days and was quite a learning experience.  Million dollar cameras and cool weather and the excitement of being part of making a movie!

The movie is The Seventh Son and stars Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore.  Ben Barnes and Alicia Vikander were the two stars that were here for the filming.
I have neglected updating my webpage and I apologize to anyone looking for some new information or posts.

Last summer was an exciting time for us all here in Tumbler Ridge, BC.  We had a hard working group here in town working at getting our community and surrounding area classified as a UNESCO Global Geopark.  Randy was fortunate enough to be able to take two boat trips downstream on the Murray River to the painted canyon.  Upstream definitely has the wow factor with the amazing Kinuseo Falls, downstream has its own unique landscapes and shows more about our area geography.

This September, we found out that we did indeed receive approval from UNESCO and were given the status of Global Geopark!!!

Though Randy was quite familiar with the trip downstream, he was happy to learn more about geography from the geologists on the two boat tours last summer with the geopark crew.

Murray River Jet Boat Tour

Just found out that one of our fantastic clients posted a great video from their tour with Wild River Adventure Tours on youtube!! Thanks guys! Check it out!

View from up top - Murray River Tour

The main highlight on our Murray River tour is sharing this majestic landmark from a new perspective - via riverboat. Another option for our guests is to hike the short trail to the top of the falls for an entirely different view; the view from up top.









Tuchodi Lakes July 2011


Tuchodi Lakes, a set on Flickr.

Here are a few photo's from our recent trip up to Tuchodi Lakes in Northern BC. Stay tuned for more photo's of our recent adventures!!

Please contact us for more info!

2011 Boat Trips

Hello Everyone!

We have been having a great time taking all sorts of tours this Spring/Early Summer. It's not to late for YOU to book your Wild River Adventure Tour this season! We have lots of photo's to post, but for now I wanted to share our recent Murray River Tour with Kaylyn of Kaylyn Leanne Photography from Kelowna, BC.

Kaylyn brought along her camera - so be sure to check out her photo's at!

While boating up the river we also saw a black bear, four swans, and some elk!

Stay tuned for photo's from our trip up to the Lower Kakwa Falls, as well as a trip to Tuchodi Lakes.

More Great Fun on our Murray River Tour this August Long Weekend

Here are a couple of photos from the August Long Weekend tours up the Murray River from Tumbler Ridge!

*** COMING UP *** We will be in Tumbler Ridge running more Murray River and Canyon Tours from August 28th until September 6th!! Contact Randy to book - and be sure to ask about fall discounts!